Do you want to reduce calories in your products?

The German manufacturer SAVANNA Ingredients has the answer:
Allulose – a GMO-free and natural sugar with reduced calories.
Close to the manufacture produced sugar beets are processed in their own facility.

The products of SAVANNA Ingredients are based on natural sugar extracted from sugar beet (Beta vulgaris). By way of further processing we obtain functional sugars. Like household sugar, these occur in nature, but in view of their scarcity they are also called rare sugars. Among their characteristics are a reduced calorie content or special technological properties that enable us to develop and manufacture healthy and, at the same time, enjoyable food ingredients.
Given our ability to originate innovative and needs-based products, we always find the perfect solution for our customers. Supported by professional application development and advice, modern R&D, and peerless production technology, we consistently create very best from natural ingredients.

What is Allulose?

Allulose is a “rare sugar”
Naturally existing in nature, but only in very small quantities – like in kiwis1), raisins1), wheat2) and figs1)
But the extraction of Allulose from these products in large quantities are not economical.

1) Oshima, H.; Kimura, I.; Izumori, K. (2006): Psicose Contents in Various Food Products and its Origin. Food Science and Technology Research, 12(2), 137-143
2) Miller, B. S.; Swain, T. (1960): Chromatographic analyses of the free amino-acids, organic acids and sugars in wheat plant extracts.
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 11(6), 344-348

Advantages / Properties

GMO free
GMO free
  • Real sugar without calories
  • Calories: 0,4 kcal/g -> 40 kcal/100g
    (90% calorie reduction through the replacement of sucrose (4 kcal/g) possible)
    -> calorie-free declaration
  • 70% sweetness compared to sucrose
  • Tooth friendly (crystalline Allulose)
  • Suitable for diabetics
  • Glycemic index: low
  • High tolerance level*
    (* Guidance level for daily consumption: 0,6 g per kg body weight)
  • GMO - free
  • 100% natural
  • „Made in Germany“
  • Applicable as sucrose substitute
  • Applicable in almost all food categories
  • Solubility comparable to sucrose
  • No “off-taste”
  • Reducing sugar -> Maillard reaction = Browning
  • Adds bulk & texture to the final product
  • Monosaccharide & epimer of fructose

Allulose is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA for use as a food ingredient and in conjunction
with other sweeteners.

Allulose application in Food & Beverages

  • Jam (Strawberry jam, Fruit preparation in fruit yoghurt)
    • Enhanced taste
    • Little less sweet
    • High calorie reduction
    • Improved colour
  • Sauces (Tomato ketchup, Tomato sauce [for pasta])
    • Enhanced taste
    • Pleasant sweetness profile
    • High calorie reduction
    • Improved colour
  • Beverages (Orange lemonade, soft drinks, ice tea, vanilla milk)
    • Good mouth feeling
    • Balanced taste
    • Calorie reduction
    • Clean-Label
  • Bakery Products (Brownie, Pound cake)
    • Good baking results depending on bakery product and substitution level
    • Enhanced maillard reaction
    • Calorie reduction